• What Are The Latest Advancements Made In Automotive Technology?

    The market may seem slower at the present moment, but the car and automobile manufacturers continue to introduce new technologies at a rapid pace. Advancement inĀ automotive technology and vehicle technology is made to improve the safety levelĀ  and the convenience of the user. Innovative features are mostly introduced by the manufacturers of the higher end cars that finally trickle down to the less expensive vehicles. The demand for such features grows along with the awareness of their existence as well. Equipment and automobile features like automatic windshield wipers, electric ignition, airbags and power steering has seen great advancement. Such advancements have dazzled the general public. Let us check out some of the latest advancements.

    The advent of the rear mounted radar

    Now backing out from the car parking space is a real adventure. It is true that rear pointing radar is there for many years to alert the drivers about objects behind them going unnoticed. The all new innovative and revolutionary radar technology also sees the traffic when you tend to back up. So, when the system sees traffic approaching, it sounds an alarm.

    High beam automatic control

    Car manufacturers have introduced a system whereby the lights automatically illuminates and dims. In relation to the traffic which is approaching, the lights become dim or illuminates. There is a camera on the mirror of the rearview which detects when the vehicle closes in or closes on the approaching traffic.

    Automotive technology has advanced to a great extent. Some of the advancements may be seen in the form of latest car gadgets like the rear mount radar, night vision or Night View Assist Plus, Parental Control, GPS Tracking and in-car internet.