What Are The Latest Advancements Made In The Realm Of Automotive Technology?

The market may seem slower at the present moment, but the car and automobile manufacturers continue to introduce new technologies at a rapid pace. Advancement in automotive technology and vehicle technology is made to improve the safety level  and the convenience of the user. Innovative features are mostly introduced by the manufacturers of the higher end cars that finally trickle down to the less expensive vehicles. The demand for such features grows along with the awareness of their existence as well. Equipment and automobile features like automatic windshield wipers, electric ignition, airbags and power steering has seen great advancement. Such advancements have dazzled the general public. Let us check out some of the latest advancements.

The advent of the rear mounted radar

Now backing out from the car parking space is a real adventure. It is true that rear pointing radar is there for many years to alert the drivers about objects behind them going unnoticed. The all new innovative and revolutionary radar technology also sees the traffic when you tend to back up. So, when the system sees traffic approaching, it sounds an alarm.

High beam automatic control

Car manufacturers have introduced a system whereby the lights automatically illuminates and dims. In relation to the traffic which is approaching, the lights become dim or illuminates. There is a camera on the mirror of the rearview which detects when the vehicle closes in or closes on the approaching traffic.

Automotive technology has advanced to a great extent. Some of the advancements may be seen in the form of latest car gadgets like the rear mount radar, night vision or Night View Assist Plus, Parental Control, GPS Tracking and in-car internet.

Getting An Attorney After Crashing Your Favorite Car

An Attorney Can Help You with Car Accident Settlements

Being in an automobile accident is one of the more traumatic events that may happen in our lifetime. When it does occur, we want to ensure that our safety is the priority so if any medical needs need to be covered, it’s essential to have them covered immediately. Shortly after the accident, however, it’s vital to consider contacting Matt Dion And Associates – car accident settlements. Not only can they help you in making your statement for the accident, but they can also help with any car accident settlements that will take place as well.

Insurance companies may want you to think that they are on your side and when they talk to on the phone initially, they are going to be entirely “concerned” over your welfare. In reality, they are a big business, and the only thing that is really on their mind is making sure that they pay out  the least amount of money possible. They may even offer some form of settlement for the accident, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be top dollar.

An attorney can assist you in a wide variety of ways. First of all, they can instruct you on what should be said during the official statement and what you should say to the insurance company when they contact you. In most cases, they will even work directly with the insurance company because they are experienced at doing so and in getting to the highest car accident settlements that are possible.

Protecting your rights during this difficult time is essential. Rather than worrying over the situation yourself, contacting an attorney can put you in a position where they can care for your needs and ensure that you are appropriately compensated for the accident and everything associated with it.


Langley Transmission Repairs

Tips to watch For with Langley Transmission Repairs

Car transmission repair is much essential to your car as transmission issues are one of the problems that can make your vehicle completely useless. Car transmission helps in directing power from the engine to the driveshaft. This controls how the wheels turn on your car. The key to ensuring that your transmission lives a long and healthy life depends on the following Common LangleyTransmission repairs.

1. Low Fluid & Leaks Repair

The most common problem that many drivers face is the fluid leak or Low levels of transmission fluid. These Low fluid levels are commonly caused by a leak in your transmission-system. The gasket may be replaced to stop this leak.

2. Solenoid Repair

The solenoid is responsible for controlling the flow of fluid throughout the trans system. The solenoid may get damaged due to the electronic problems and low fluid levels. When your transmission system is slippery, and you can’t trace a leak, then solenoid damage maybe the problem.

3. Torque Converter Repair

Torque converter problems can cause many issues. This may result in severe damage or even a complete break down of your transmission system. Worn-out needle bearings is the most common problem that is associated with the torque converter. When the needle bearings get overheated, they become damaged, and they start giving out strange noise from the transmission system. When the car is in neutral, you will not hear any sound but when you shift into gear, brushing sounds will be heard.

4. Clutch Repairs

Clutch problems can trick the untrained eye because the issues are similar to those of low fluid levels. Thus it’s good to have your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic. Prominent clutch issues will get involved with sharp drops in power output from your vehicle.


It’s always good to let a qualified car technician check everything out in your car when keeping your transmission system maintained and repaired. At A & B Transmissions they offer a variety of auto repair services

Purchasing a Used Car: What to Look For

It is important to have a fun yet convenient and safe form of transportation to get to work, school, do your shopping, travelling, etc. Cars are a huge part of our daily lives and although they do break down, at some point you’ll have to get a replacement. Available in various makes and models, they are an important asset to have today. When getting another car, you do have options. You can buy a brand new one or opt to choose a used car. New cars are found in dealerships (new) while used ones can also be found at a used car dealer or through private sale. Kijiji, Craiglist and AutoTrader are all sources to find a used car. To enjoy the benefit of lower cost, many people buy used cars. Here is what the average person should look for when buying a used car.

Reliable models

There are some vehicle models which are known to be more reliable than others. Therefore, you can conduct a search online to find out the ideal ones to consider before you head to the dealership. Such information is compiled in sources such as Consumer Reports and surveys. These are annual reports of the real-world reliability data of various models of cars. They give information such as known trouble spots of specific models too. Thus when you finally go to the dealership, you know which models to consider and those to avoid.

Read the buyers’ guide of the car

There are some regulatory bodies which seek to ensure that customers get good quality used cars. An example of such a body is the Federal Trade Commission. This one obliges used car dealers to attach a Buyers’ Guide on the window of every vehicle on sale. It contains important information such as whether the car is being sold “as is” or with a warranty. It indicates the percentage of repair costs that the dealer should pay in case the car develops problems after purchase. It is an absolute document that overrides all provisions in the purchase contract. Search for it and analyze it to learn what sort of liability you will incur after buying the car. When shopping for pre-owned luxury cars where you’ll spend more money than an average used car, you’ll need to take greater care when making a decision.

Check the condition of the body

You should always inspect the body keenly as you pick a used car. Check the body panels, the roof and fenders for any dents, scratches or rust. If you find some panels that are misaligned, this indicates bad prior repairs. The paint should also be uniform across all the parts of the vehicle. One of your main concerns is if the car has been in an accident. You’ll want to avoid buying any car that has been in an accident. A small accident may not be a problem, but you risk it because you may not be aware if the frame has bent or not.

Check the suspension, engine and tires

These are some of the most important parts of your car. Pop the hood and check to see if the engine is in good working condition by listening for any strange noises like ticks, and see if it idles smoothly. If you’re able, use a scan tool on the OBDll port. Get some help with this if you are unsure how to do this task.  Look for any rust, dents or holes in the manifold. Remember to check the dipstick for oil levels. Walk around the car to see if it is level. This indicates a good suspension. Proceed to press upon it and watch for bouncing. A good suspension does not bounce but returns the car to a level, stable position. Proceed to analyze the tires. They should all be the same brand and size and should not make any sound if you tug on them. Clunking indicates bad wheel bearings.


A used car can be a great, affordable investment. The tips above can help you to know which factors to assess prior to purchase. Follow them and you will take home a reliable, rewarding car. As always, a second opinion from a mechanic will give you peace of mind so you’ll definitely want to consider a professional’s opinion.

What Is The Future Of Automotive Technology? 

In the field of technology, the latest development is just as good as the advancement you will see next. When it comes to the auto industry, it is advancing day by day. Advancement in automotive technology may be seen in the form of improved entertainment modes and features, enhanced safety measures, pure innovation, etc. New cars are built by automobile manufacturers after considering the safety of the drivers. Some latest car models integrate exciting car technologies to revolutionize the automobile industry. Let us talk about the future of car technology.

Cars communicating with each other

Car manufacturers are trying hard and researching on the technologies to enable future cars interact among themselves. For instance, when you are approaching an intersection and some other car runs the red light, the other car sends you the signal that it is in your path and there is a chance of collision. This can be a real win-win situation for you. V2V communication or Vehicle 2 Vehicle Communication is the future of the automotive industry.

Self driving car to reduce the highway accidents

Self-driving cars are nothing new but cars that drive themselves need to have the option of platooning. Platooning is the state where multiple cars can drive close to each other without any fear of an accident. The cars can react; communicate, to reduce the highway and roadside accidents.

Apart from the above mentioned advancements, there may be the GPS or augmented reality dashboard, airbag to help stop the car, etc.